The customer is pretty important

It’s not about us

All too often we see campaigns created which are based on what those creating them want to feel / see / experience. Campaigns based on someone’s perception of the target markets reality. Campaigns which are so creatively finessed that the human truth of the proposition is lost. The result? Self-indulgent, lazy in marketing. A campaign that doesn’t work. A lost opportunity to connect, resonate and convert.

It’s about the customer

The strongest campaigns put the customer first and centre. They are based on true customer insights. They are grounded in real customer first strategy. And they are built around a true customer centric proposition.

Customers want connection

Marketing should creative an emotive reaction. It should link to and convey a human truth. The communication should show the customer that this brand understands them. And it should demonstrate that it’s the only one who can help. This is true whether you are marketing a festival, a bottle of gin or a bungee jump.

Brands connecting with customers

  • McCain ‘Here’s to love’ campaign talks about how important food (& the McCain brand) is to every love story. It puts food at the heart of the normal everyday meal based moments people share together. Delivered with an honest narrative and a focus on all types of relationships, this contains bagfulls of human truth.

  • Nescafe Gold ‘For the moments that matter’ campaign shows a man walking out in front of the estimated 80,000 people we each meet during our lives. Step by step, the guy asks those to sit down who can’t remember his name, those who didn’t know his nickname at school was princess, if they don’t know about the one who got away, if they’ve never seen him cry and finally if they somehow lost touch. After the last two people sit down, he asks “Do you have a moment now?”, which leads to a special few walking down to join him for a chat and a cup of coffee. This advert connects with us emotionally and reminds us of how important friendship and real human connection is.

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