Message overload hits manic levels

We are bombarded with up to 20,000 brand messages, advertisements and logos everyday*.20,000. Assuming we’re all aiming for the holy grail of 8 hours sleep a night, that’s just over 2 a second. Seems impossible yes? But when we consider that this number includes not only ads, but also every product label you pass by in a supermarket, all the ads in your mailbox whether you see them or not, the label on everything you wear, the products in your fringe, the cars on the road, it all starts to feel very possible indeed. And if we’re being honest it all feels well, a little boring too. As the saying goes, too much of something is never a good thing.

Consumers actively avoid blanket content

Consumers clearly agree. They are actively choosing to remove some content from their lives through skipping TV adverts on catch up, flipping straight past adverts in magazines and blatantly ignoring active sellers as they walk past them in the street. We need to stop and listen to what consumers are telling us here. STOP with the blanket communications. GIVE UP on the one size all messaging. LEAVE ME ALONE unless you have something relevant and compelling to talk to me about.

Great content is the only way to drive positive action

So, we are pretty clear that planned content makes the consumer switch off. We know that good content makes the consumer consider. And we can prove that great content slaps the consumer in the face and makes them take action. But what is this ‘great content’ we speak of? It’s content that has been created on the back of a bullet proof strategy. It’s content that is targeted to the nth degree. It’s content that resonates with the consumer and makes a connection with them.

Most are turning out average content, but a couple are changing the game

  • Lego recently launched a video on social media to talk about their new Lego Juniors Superheros set. The video barely features on talks about Lego. It focuses on how much parents love their kids; it uses humour to bring the father daughter relationship to life; it makes you want to be as good a parent as the guy in the video. And it had over 1000 shares on FaceBook within the first day of being live.

  • Marks & Spencers have recently launched their Try Tuesday service which offers a fully personalised digital personal shopper service. It is 100% personalised to your body shape, skin tone and budget. And it makes it SUPER easy to buy items that as a result will look great on you.

So before you put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) STOP and make sure your content strategy is in place first. Who are you talking to? What is the detail about them that you need to leverage in this piece of content? What channels do they respond to? What time are they using these channels? What is in it for the consumer if they read your content?

One piece of well planned content is worth one thousand unplanned poor pieces of content. Need a hand? Give us a shout.



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