We cannot open a newspaper without reading about Brexit, bad weather and bonkers gender pay gaps. The nation has lots to grumble about. Times are hard and the future forecast doesn’t look much better. Life for the average Brit feels tough, thankless and monotonous. With all this serious talk, the UK could easily fall into a deep depression.

What people need (and want!) is a reason to smile. A reason to laugh. A happy message to share.

As marketeers it is not enough to understand your target markets demographic profile. We must truly understand them. What makes them tick? What do they look for in a brand? What will make them choose X over Y? Customer mindset is a HUGE piece of the jigsaw. After all, once we understand a customers mindset, we can identify how best to influence in and how to drive that all important emotional connection, resonance and inclination to buy.

Are you at risk of playing it too seriously with your brand? Take a look some inspiration from the campaigns below and make your potential customers SMILE and feel good. It will absolutely be worth it:

  1. McVitie’s ‘sweeter together’ campaign

  2. McCain ‘here’s to love’ advert

  3. Volvo ‘fierce females’ advert

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