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The story is pretty simple.

I was brought up by a successful entrepreneur who taught me that with hard graft,

a positive attitude and a focused mind, we can achieve anything.

Creativity, ambition and the ability to think differently is in my blood. 

Two decades of working for household name businesses has given me an 

unparalleled understanding of what businesses do and do not want, need and like.

I have set winning 5 year strategies, built leading brands and created award winning campaigns.

Pretty Fierce Marketing is built upon my values and experience.

It has grit, determination and passion built into its DNA.

We are here to change the game when it comes to strategic marketing. 

I hope you'll be part of our story.


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Fiercely passionate about

We love marketing and have been directly employed by some of the world's biggest brands 

as well as some pretty amazing business start ups. 

We are pretty obsessed with all things shopper, customer and consumer.

We have more retailer, manufacturer and agency experience that you can shake a stick at.

And we've won a few awards along the way to boot.

Get in touch to see how our winning team can help.

Let's create something amazing together